About The Triumphants

Text Box: Poem and Song Writing has been a major part of Nell Gillilanís Life. During the past few years, and having a strong desire to have her songs heard, Nell has spent time singing in Churches in the South East Florida area with a group of four musicians.

She was approached last year by the South Florida Bluegrass Association, and asked to be the opening act at their monthly festivals.  Partly in answer to that request, she organized the 
present  band, now known as The Triumphants.

Although some of the original band members moved 
away, several of the present members have been with 
The Triumphants since the bandís beginning.

The present band consists of:

Nell Gillilan		
Ed Gillilan		
Janice Coker		
Linda Frank		
Mark Anton		
Colleen Hurley	
Eddie Cupp		

In addition to many local performances, The Triumphants can be seen performing at the monthly South Florida Bluegrass Association Festival, held on the first Sunday of every month, at the Ives Estate Optimist Club, just off Ives Dairy Road, a few blocks west of I-95 on the north side of the street.  Note: If the first Sunday is a national holiday, then the event is held on the second Sunday.

For Bookings, and to contact the† Triumphants

 Lead Singer

 Guitar and Vocals

 Fiddle and Vocals

 Bass Fiddle and Vocals


 Part Time Lead Singer

 Keyboard and Vocals

The Triumphants

A South Florida Gospel Band